Chen Z. – January 2016

Yelp review ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Very honest store with great fast service, needed to go on a road trip one day and really wanted to get my oil change before i left out. Almost every shop told me it i would need an appointment or that the wait time was 3 hours. I ended up finding AKTIV which was 4mins away from my house. I called and they said i could just stop by and it would only take 30mins. Then my only concern was the price i thought it would be ridiculous but it wasnt, so much cheaper than 10min oil change which was the one other place i knew i could go to for a simple quick oil change before i left.

After the oil change they told me my front brakes were wore down and i should consider changing them. My mind was thinking “Here comes the crazy pressure to get it changed, at the cost of an arm and a leg.” but to my surprise price was reasonable and no pressure to get it changed.

Maybe 6 month later i ended up getting a new car, i was looking up places to get it inspected. My only worries while look around was if i ran into a technician that would tamper with my car just so i would need to get it repaired. Then i remember AKTIV. Took my car there and it was a 45min-1hour wait, and everything went perfectly.
i came back the next day because i notice a slight shaking while idling at a red light and one other small problem. They checked it out really briefly and told me its normal for my car to do that in this 10 degree weather. I could imagine if i went to any other shop i would have been bombard with BS repairs quotes.

I highly recommend coming here if you know nothing about cars, i feel that there are many shops that will overcharge or push services that are not needed.
But at AKTIV you do not have to worry about that.