AKTIV Automotive began serving the surrounding Maryland, District, and northern Virginia community in early 2015.  Our passion remains to develop a repair and customization facility catering to the luxury vehicle market focused on BMW, Audi, and MINI vehicles. As automotive enthusiasts we recognize the metro area is underserved by quality independent BMW, Audi, and MINI service facilities.

Patrons that visit our auto repair facility are afforded outstanding customer service matched with an industry leading diagnostic and repair experience from our auto repair technicians. We take great pride in sharing our expertise to assist customers in making informed choices regarding automotive repairs. Customers deserve the individualized attention and expertise we provide to completely address their automotive needs. Unlike some other facilities, we are not in the business to up-sell unnecessary repairs.

About Our Name

“AKTIV” is a German word meaning energetic and positive. Our auto repair technicians are “energized” about automobiles and we want to share our expertise with our customers to ensure they have a positive experience. Contrary to popular advertising, dealers do not have a lock on the best technicians or the most expertise, but they do hold the title for the highest costs.

Meet Kevin Lucas – Owner, Operations Manager & Master Technician

Kevin serves as owner and operations manager for our auto repair shop. With decades of recognized automotive expertise on many marque brands, he prides himself on educating customers about their vehicles and service options. Ask Kevin about the latest exciting BMW projects in progress at the shop.

Meet William “Bill” White – Master Technician

Bill is the lead master technician for the AKTIV shop. He brings decades of automotive repair experience combined with a unique drive for perfection on all repairs. Bill is an avid drag racer; please inquire about his vehicle and recent runs at the drag strip.

Meet Carlos Suarez – Master Technician

Carlos is the newest member of our team.  With decades of experience on luxury European vehicles, Carlos is well prepared to correctly diagnose complex vehicle repairs.

Meet Chad Mustard – Owner

Chad serves as owner for our auto repair shop. He mixes unique engineering skills with decades of executive experience in various positions. Chad provides unique experience with electronic repairs and upgrades not available elsewhere.